Fast-Food Worker Allegedly Put Menstrual Blood On Customer’s Burger & We’re Vomiting

Tabatha Hollins: Menstrual Blood Cheeseburger Jacks Family Restaurant


A fast-food employee licked and wiped the menstrual blood on a customer’s cheeseburger, according to a now-viral Facebook post by Tabatha Hollins—the mother of a co-worker who witnessed the disgusting incident.

The post, a video which has since received over 172,000 views and 4,000 shares, has led to two separate investigations, according to The Dispatch

CEO for the Birmingham-based fast-food chain, Todd Bartmess, confirmed that the company is officially investigating the incident that reportedly happened Saturday evening at the Jack’s location on Highway 45 in Columbus, Ohio. “Food safety is our No. 1 priority and we are investigating this,” Bartmess said. “We want to talk to everybody involved, get their stories and find out what happened. We take these kinds of things very seriously.”

A Mississippi Department of Health representative also confirmed to The Dispatch that the department will be investigating the incident.

The incident was first made public when Tabatha Hollins posted a status and cell phone video recording on Facebook after her daughter claimed she was fired for reporting what happened. Her daughter isn’t the victim, though, said Hollins. “There’s a woman out there, the customer, that doesn’t know what happened to her. She’s the victim. It’s just sickening.” Bartmess was able to confirm to The Dispatch that Hollins’ daughter was “no longer an employee” of the company for “reasons not related” to the incident.

Check out Hollins’ disturbing Facebook status below, in case you needed another reason never to eat fast food again.

Tabatha Hollins Facebook Viral Post


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