How To Apply Eyeshadow For Beginners: Super Simple Makeup Looks To Try

In the world of beauty products, there are two types of girls (well, three actually): those that love makeup, those that don’t really care about makeup (which is totally cool, too) and those that also love makeup but don’t have a ton of experience applying it. I’d say that I fall into that third category, especially when it comes to eye makeup. I’m obsessed with those 30-second makeup tutorial videos that show off beautifully blended eyeshadow and flawless liquid liner, but have zero clue as to how they get their makeup to look so fricken perfect (I still have no clue, by the way). But with the help of these YouTube video tutorials (seriously, what we do without the Internet?) and quite a bit of practice, I have finally mastered (well, kind of) how to apply eyeshadow. Bonus: these videos also include other beginner-friendly hacks and tips, like how to apply mascara and eyeliner.

You’re welcome.

1. AlexandrasGirlyTalk

In this video, Alexander—a 20-year-old YouTube-famous beauty lover—shows you step by step how to apply eyeshadow perfectly. This one is perfect for beginners—it even says so in the title.

2. TheMakeupChair

This tutorial from Irish beauty vlogger Sinead Cady is really all you need when it comes to learning the basics about eye makeup. It includes info on primers, what types of brushes you need, application, as well as a few useful tips and tricks. Seriously, it has everything.

3. Shaaanxo

One of our favorite videos, this tutorial from a New Zealand beauty vlogger not only gives you an effortless, everyday eyeshadow look, it also explains primers, color choice, and more!

This handy infographic is also super helpful when it comes to learning how to blend eyeshadow. Of course, the color of the eyeshadow and placement of it on your actual eyelid will vary because everyone’s face is different, but this is a great reference tool to have.

Eyeshadow Tutorial


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