The 10 Best Products For The ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

First things first: Wear whatever makeup you want.

The ‘no makeup’ trend was preceded by a wave of heavy contouring and dramatic, bold eye makeup and for many, the trend of wearing ‘no makeup’ makeup was a reaction to what felt like forced loads of heavy products. The idea of letting the skin breathe after years of matte, full-coverage, cakey products was appealing and freeing. Unfortunately, with this adverse reaction came the idea of makeup shaming, discouraging the embrace of heavy makeup, lots of eyeshadow, glowing highlight and flawless contouring.

In reality, there is no such thing as ‘no makeup’ makeup. There is just makeup. Choose the style that makes you feel happy and beautiful. For many, they feel their best when the products are natural and light, giving the appearance of sheer to light coverage and without a ton of weight on the skin.

These 10 products are made to give the appearance of natural, flawless features. They can be worn together, apart or in totally different ways, but most importantly without perpetuating the idea of anyone having to look a certain way or to appear as though they’re something they’re not. Apply as you see fit and to satisfy yourself as you look in the mirror.


Check out these 10 makeup items for creating a natural makeup look. And no, a natural makeup look doesn’t mean it takes any less time to get ready.

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