Top 5 Most Underrated Beauty Vloggers On YouTube

In the age of online beauty, we have an endless sea of YouTube tutorials for any kind of makeup look that anyone could ever dream of. We all know and love the classic vloggers that changed the world of makeup, but there are so many talented people that vlog on the side as they also go about their everyday lives.

Most of these makeup gurus have thousands of followers on Instagram and are slowly making their presence on YouTube with tutorials to showcase their most requested looks, gaining more subscribers with every single video.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a new going-out look or an everyday face from a less familiar guru this is where to begin. Here are the five most underrated beauty vloggers on YouTube.

Olivia Jade

Subscribers: 689,744

Olivia Jade is a teenage beauty vlogger who shows off her best makeup looks and beauty favorites. All of her videos are cheery and light, and her tutorials are manageable, even for makeup beginners. She occasionally dips into lifestyle and fashion videos amongst the beauty ones, and she just so happens to have Fuller House‘s Lori Laughlin as a mom (who sometimes guest stars in her videos). 

Marissa Lace

Subscribers: 231,861

While Marissa’s channel isn’t centered around beauty, she does upload Beauty Mondays. While it’s always fun to see glam looks, it’s also equally as exciting to see tutorials that showcase an everyday face, with makeup that takes a little less time to recreate. She has plenty of similar style videos under her beauty tab for subscribers to check out.

Uche Natori

Subscribers: 70,853

Uche’s videos mainly have a lot of dramatic, glamorous looks. Her cut crease eyeshadow tutorials are stunning (her blending skills are on another level, to be honest). One perk of watching her videos is that tutorials generally cut straight to the point and are normally no more than ten minutes long, which anyone in a hurry will be a fan of.

Salmah Aziz

Subscribers: 1,266

Salmah Aziz is relatively new to YouTube with only three videos, but she is clearly destined to make her way to tutorials. This is the at-home eyebrow tutorial that I never knew I was missing out on. Although I have a serious case of brow envy, this video inspired me to put more work in on my own brows.

Jodi Lynn

Subscribers: 1,156

This girl is seriously skilled at the perfect full-faced look. While she has a handful of videos on her YouTube channel, her Instagram showcases some incredible work we could only dare to attempt. Here’s hoping that she gives us some more tutorials with the fierce eye looks.

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