Apparently Donald Trump Decided Sleeping was Preferable to His Own Inauguration

Looks like Donald Trump needs a Venti coffee stat. The festivities that come with the honor of becoming the 45th President of the United States have apparently exhausted the guy. The Internet has a notorious habit for noticing everything, and Trump’s inauguration is definitely being scrutinized. Several Twitter users have pointed out the sleepiness the future leader of our country is already exhibiting, and are rightfully concerned.

A few screenshots from the inauguration definitely seem to show Trump snoozing at his own celebration. Like, we know it’s your party and you can do what you want, but really?! Many have called him out on it:

The eyes of the nation are on Trump, but his eyes are just closing.

He may not be full-out snoring, but his eyes are definitely closed and his posture’s relaxed enough to indicate he needs a cat nap. It’s especially ironic given that Hillary Clinton faced an enormous amount of criticism about her health and her age. Yet the person who was elected doesn’t have the energy to stay awake for his own celebration.

And it’s not even the first time Trump appears to have fallen asleep! He was captured dozing at the Inaugural Concert last night as well. You’d think the enormous volume of 3 Doors Down would have helped him stay awake, but we guess not.

[protected-iframe id=”e439024daba7d37c4d7b08f4b4f9aba1-860993-106512712″ info=”//” class=”imgur-embed-pub”]

Trump, if you think the Inauguration is tiring, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise. Hopefully, it’s not at the expense of the American people. Time for some caffeine pills or Red Bull.

[H/T: Elite Daily]