The 5 Biggest ‘Bachelor’ Beauty Queens Vying For Nick Viall’s Heart

The Bachelor is filled with beautiful women dressed to the nines and makeup that makes it seem as though each contestant has their very own professional makeup artist following them around 24/7.

Though it might look that way, it’s actually not the case. The women of The Bachelor do all of their own makeup. There’s a lot of downtime in the house, so the ladies spend a lot of time doing their makeup or practicing their different beauty routines. By the time the roses are handed out, they’ve had plenty of practice. 

Pretty impressive, right? Here are five of the beauty queens on this season of The Bachelor, all fighting to win Nick Viall’s love.

Jasmine Goode

It’s a no-brainer that Jasmine is going to be featured when it comes to beauty. This girl knows how to highlight like it’s nobody’s business. Her cheeks look amazing, always. Her brows are the perfect shape and her eyeliner is so flattering without being overpowering.

Corinne Olympios

Say what you will about the girl but Corinne’s makeup is always on fleek. She just has a knack for it. Corinne also has arguably some of the best curls I’ve ever seen in my life. As for Raquel though, that’s another story… Yikes.

Astrid Loch

Look at this makeup! I want Astrid to do my makeup for literally every occasion. The simple look makes her eyes pop and her brow arch is one that would do the Benefit Brow Bar proud in my opinion.

Whitney Fransway

Let’s take a moment to praise Whitney’s hair first and foremost. The volume! The curl! The side sweep! She looks like she was actually crafted by Disney to be a princess, especially with the dress and just the right amount of dewy makeup.

Danielle Lombard

While she isn’t the only Danielle, she definitely stands out. She looks glowing and radiant, which complements her lip gloss really well. Once again, we have another girl with perfect curls and brows. How do they manage this?

Currently crossing our fingers and hoping these ladies will give us tutorials on how to get on their level… Amen.

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