People Are Staging An Inauguration Day Blackout In Defiance Of Trump’s Administration

The #TrumpBlackout movement is gaining steam on Facebook and Twitter.

A Facebook event entitled “Inauguration Day Blackout” is calling for the protest of President-elect Donald Trump’s presidency by wearing all black. The main group page of the same name states that, “Together, we stand defiant against any policy The POTUS Elect’s administration creates geared towards harming our people and our planet.” The event hopes to give those who oppose the Trump administration a peaceful platform to protest his inauguration: “This gives all of us a platform to put aside our differences, while providing a way to stand together in solidarity and educate people on the detrimental policies that this administration plans to implement.”

On Twitter, the hashtags #TrumpBlackout and #InaugurationDayBlackout are trending, although some are talking about a different type of blackout. Those on Twitter are calling for a protest of the Trump presidency by abstaining from social media for 24 hours, in order to avoid giving Trump any airtime or ratings on social media. Some Twitter users think that Trump, who maintains a very active account on the social media site, will be angered if people are not tweeting about him.

Check out some of the reaction tweets with the hashtags #TrumpBlackout, #InaugurationBlackOut and #InaugurationDayBlackout below.

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