SNL Writer Deletes Tweet Saying ‘Barron Trump Will Be This Country’s First Homeschool Shooter’

Update: Katie Rich has been indefinitely suspended from Saturday Night Live Monday. She has since reactivated her Twitter account and tweeted out an apology.

“I sincerely apologize for the insensitive tweet. I deeply regret my actions & offensive words. It was inexcusable & I’m so sorry,” she tweeted  Monday afternoon.

One Saturday Night Live writer has come under fire for posting a tweet that, we have to admit, isn’t all that funny.

Katie Rich faced a barrage of criticism, and even calls that she should be fired by NBC, after firing off a tweet about President Trump’s youngest son that read, “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” The tweet, which was posted just after noon on Friday, was deleted a mere three hours later. Rich set her account to private later that evening after Twitter users called her “scum” for bullying the 10-year-old son of the newly-inaugurated President. The comment is especially disturbing considering the mass shooting epidemic, especially those on school campuses, the country is facing.

Barron, who is in fact not homeschooled, will be staying with Melania Trump in New York City to finish out the school year at the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School on the Upper West Side, where tuition starts at $44,120. Trump’s youngest son has been thrust into the limelight since his father was elected President and is no stranger to being the target of celebrity commentary on Twitter in the past. Just after President Trump’s election in November, Rosie O’Donnell shared an anti-bullying campaign video speculating that Barron is autistic, although she later defended and apologized for her comments on Twitter.

Check out some of the reaction tweets to Katie Rich’s comment below.

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