Becca Tilley Spills on What Time Bottles Start Popping at the ‘Bachelor’ Mansion and Other Secrets

Becca Tilley

Becca Tilley

Making lemons into lemonade is something not all contestants on The Bachelor are able to do. While many go back to their normal lives after the show airs, Becca Tilley decided to use her 15 minutes of fame to do something she was passionate about: start a lifestyle blog and YouTube channel.

And if you’ve watched the show, you know her makeup, clothes, and general outlook on life is something you need inside info about.

Of course, Becca recruited some Bachelor alum to help her launch the site – and held the party at the infamous Bachelor mansion!

We asked Becca about her time on The Bachelor, the friendship (and romantic relationships!) she’s formed from the show, and what to expect from her new blog.

Be honest – what time did the bottles start popping at the Bachelor mansion?

Haha! Well, the bottles were popping from the time the first girl was up until the last girl went to sleep! I was always one of the last ones up, so there were times where I would wake up and some of the girls had already gotten things going! There wasn’t a lot to do to entertain ourselves, so alcohol always made things interesting!

It seems like the girls on The Bachelor have a lot of down time. How did you pass the time when you weren’t on a date or doing interviews?

DRINK! Haha! We painted our nails…a lot! I mastered painting my nails. We played games – just anything to make the time go by. Weirdly, I miss those days!

You’re clearly good friends with many members of Bachelor Nation, even people like JoJo who you “competed” against in Ben’s season. How do you form and maintain friendships in such a situation?

We spend way more time with each other than we get to spend with the Bachelor. You literally only have each other to confide in. I just had to compartmentalize my relationship with JoJo and my relationship with Ben and did my best to keep them separate. It is definitely not the easiest or most normal situation, but the friendships that are formed are strong!

And of course you’re now dating Robert Graham! How did that friendship turn into something romantic?

We met by going out trying to get to know each other romantically. We went out soon after Chris’ season aired and had a great first date. I was living in San Diego at the time so it was hard to continue dating being in different cities. When I moved up to LA, we had the same friend group and ran in the same circles and naturally developed a friendship which is a big part of the relationship for me. I made the first move this last summer and kissed him while we were in Tahoe with some friends and it just kind of blossomed from there!

Do you have any regrets about deciding to go on reality TV and how everything played out?

I literally do not have one regret. I feel like I can look back on both seasons and feel at peace with how I handled things and how everything worked out. I remember leaving Ben’s season and thinking, “Why did I do that again? I am going to have to watch myself get dumped on national television all over again!” Then I thought about JoJo and my friendship with the other girls and how great it was to have met and briefly (very briefly) dated guys like Ben and Chris!

What makes your new blog different from everything else on the internet?

That is a great question. I don’t know that it is extremely different from everything else. I think I wanted it to represent who I am specifically. I am not a self made blogger who built this by myself; I was luckily/randomly cast on a huge show and everything snowballed from there. I am aware how lucky I am to be in my position and I am doing my very best not to take any of it for granted.

What has been your favorite YouTube video or blog you’ve made so far and why?

Robert and I made a video together about our relationship. It was just fun to film with him because it was very casual and funny and comfortable for me. We haven’t put it up yet, so be on the look out!

What else can we expect from you in the future? Any chance of seeing you on TV in any capacity again?

I never say never. I don’t imagine I will be going on any dating shows again. I would be down to do a competition type show like Amazing Race or even if they did a hybrid “Bachelor meets Road Rules” type show. Can we pitch that?

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