Ivanka Trump’s Brother-In-Law, Joshua Kushner, Spotted At Washington D.C. Women’s March

A somewhat unlikely face was spotted at the Washington D.C. Women’s March on Saturday, January 21.

Joshua Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s brother-in-law, attended the peaceful protest, although Us Weekly reports that he told marchers that he was simply there to “observe.” Jessica Sidman, an editor at the Washingtonian, snapped a photo of Jared Kushner’s younger brother speaking with marchers and posted it on Twitter with the caption, “Oh hey, it’s Jared Kushner’s brother at the #WomansMarch.”

While Kushner may have just been “observing” the protest, he and his supermodel girlfriend Karlie Kloss both openly expressed their support for Hillary Clinton during the election. Last year, a representative for the younger Kushner told Esquire that the Oscar Health founder is a lifelong Democrat and would never consider voting for Donald Trump, who happens to be his older brother’s father-in-law.

The Women’s March in Washington D.C. saw nearly half a million protesters, as well as a slew of celebrities including Madonna, Ashley Judd, Alicia Keys, America Ferrera and many more.

Do you think Joshua’s presence at the D.C. Women’s March could create tension within the Kushner-Trump family?

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