Surprise, ‘The Bachelor’ Isn’t As Real As You’d Hoped

The Bachelor is one of our favorite reality show guilty pleasures, but how much of it is actually reality? With over 30 seasons (including its spin-offs) only eight couples are currently still together. Many contestants have spoken up about what really goes on behind cameras and what the producers cook up to make this show one of our favorites.

Currently, Corinne Olympios is this season’s villain. We all love to have a common enemy, right? According to many past-contestants, this is no coincidence. Olympios’ mom Peri rushed to her defense in a video posted by TMZ saying, “Reality TV and TV is very fake and you have no idea what they have cut out.” Peri claims that the infamous topless scene with Corinne in the pool was edited to look that way. “Even when she decided to lose the top she had cover-ups on,” Peri told TMZ.  She then went on to complain about another filmed incident in which Nick Viall licked whipped cream off of Corinne’s chest. “Do you really think a can of Reddi Whip was sitting there in the corner by the pool in the heat?”

Nice try Corinne’s mom, but I didn’t see any producers forcing her to put it all over her breasts.


Last season’s villain Chad Johnson claims he was the actually the most authentic part of the show and that is why producers made him look so bad. In an interview with Man Repeller Johnson said, “If the audience really understood what was happening… I would have been the only liked character on the show.”

Apparently, producers kept certain characters around to antagonize him or would tell Evan Bass to start a problem with him on purpose. Remember when it seemed as though he returned to the house in a rage after he was eliminated? Producers actually insisted that he go back to get his luggage. Or when he was a drunk mess on Bachelor in Paradise and was sent home? Apparently, they were refilling his drink when he wasn’t looking and refused to tell him where his bed was! Aw, Chad.

While the show isn’t fully scripted, it is very much choreographed and occasionally they ask the contestants to say a few lines. With that many Instagram fame-hungry people in one place, producers probably don’t have to do too much persuading.

Josh Seiter from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season says he was fed lines. “In one of my testimonials, I said ‘If I don’t get a rose, it will be a blow to my ego.’ Producers forced me to say that!” Seiter also claims that the producers forced conversations for the camera. “One night, they said, ‘You and Justin and Clint go to the fireplace and talk about how Kaitlyn is handling this situation,'” he recalls. Apparently, Seiter argued with the producers for about five minutes because they wanted him to strip when he got out of the limo. Needless to say,  90% of the crazy entrances we see were not actually planned by that person but by the producers. He also insisted that Kaitlyn had some input as to who was able to stay on the show, but ultimately the producers decide who get roses at the ceremonies. How disappointing!

If so much of it is fake, what is real? Those tears! They have to be real right? Nope. There is a producer whose  job it is to get the girls to cry during their confessional interviews.  Leslie Hughes from Sean Lowe’s season said the producers supply unlimited alcohol and are always offering it to the girls, even at 12:00 P.M. “It’s how they get you to be more talkative, more sensitive,” Hughes said. Jaclyn Swartz, who has appeared on Ben Flajnik’s season said, “The water glasses on the tables during dates may or may not be filled with vodka Red Bull. When the lighting hits it, it still looks clear.” Swartz also claims that the producers stuff them with food before their dinner dates so there will be only talking because no eating is allowed. The lies!

The moral of the story: if you’re looking for real, unstaged TV you might want to turn off ABC and tune into National Geographic. Regardless of how much of what we see is planned or forced, we must admit, it does make for great television and we can’t wait to see what they cook up for tonight’s episode.

The Adorable ‘Bachelor’ Couples Who Are Still Together
The Adorable ‘Bachelor’ Couples Who Are Still Together
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