Donald Trump Revealed How The Internet Bullying Is Affecting Barron & It’s Actually So Sad

Attacking an innocent child, regardless of how you feel about the political views of his/her’s parent, is simply unacceptable. It happened to Malia and Sasha Obama during their time in the White House—the racial slurs and racist remarks about Malia got so bad at one point that the Fox website had to take down the comments section of an article—and now it’s happening to Barron Trump. Most recently, an SNL writer was suspended for tweeting that Barron would be “the country’s first homeschool shooter.” 

But Barron, who is 10 years old, is growing up in the age of the Internet and there’s no doubt that he’s aware of the hateful commentary about him that’s circulating around the web and social media platforms. There’s also no doubt that it’s affecting him in ways that most of us can’t even imagine and now his father, the already-controversial (and for good reason, let’s be clear) President Trump, is speaking out about it a new interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity.

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In the interview, Trump says a lot about how is son is responding to the negative attention by saying very little:

I don’t mind some humor but it’s terrible. For them to attack, for NBC to attack my 10-year-old son… it’s a disgrace. He’s a great boy. And it’s not an easy thing for him. Believe me.

In the words of an Elite Daily writer, who also covered Trump’s Thursday interview, “for once, I actually do believe Donald when he says ‘believe me.'” The White House has since issued a statement asking the press and others (celebrities like Chelsea Handler, who has had plenty to say about Trump’s youngest son, for example) to give privacy to the president’s children as part of a “longstanding tradition.”

It wasn’t ok when people attacked Sasha and Malia Obama and it certainly isn’t ok now. Stop attacking the children and focus on the real issues.

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