10 Things You Didn’t Know About Millie Bobby Brown

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve definitely heard the name Millie Bobby Brown. At the very least, you recognize her as Eleven from the massively popular Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things. The incredibly talented 12-year-old made a name for herself this year, considering that her role on the show was both a critical and popular success. But Millie is relatively new to the Hollywood scene and there’s probably a lot you don’t know about the young actress.

Check out these 10 fun facts about Millie Bobby Brown.

1. She didn’t know she’d have to shave her head until her final Stranger Things audition.

Eleven Stranger Things Spoilers


The Duffer brothers, who created the hit Netflix show, didn’t tell Millie or her parents that the role would require her to shave her head. Her mom apparently wasn’t pleased to learn the news, according to an interview Millie gave to SciFiNow. “I was like ‘Mum, let’s just cut it off, it grows back, it’s not permanent and I need to show how much I’m involved with this character and how much I’m involved with the show,'” she said. “I wanted the best for the show and if that’s what I had to do, then that’s what I had to do!”

2. She was born in Barcelona to British parents.

She is also one of three children, with an older sister and younger brother. The family moved to Orlando in 2011, then to Los Angeles and back to England before Millie was given the opportunity to audition for Stranger Things. 

3. She secured many television roles before Stranger Things.

Today everyone knows Millie for her role as Eleven, but her first foray into the acting world came with roles on NCISGrey’s Anatomy and the BBC America show Intruders.

4. Her family keeps her grounded.

Millie may be an up-and-coming Hollywood celebrity, but her family keeps her grounded. Every Sunday, the family go out for a roast dinner and then come home to watch a movie together.

5. She is a huge boxing fan.


“I do Thai boxing Mondays, jujitsu Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Wednesdays I do boxing with Mark,” Millie once told Vulture in an interview. “He was a world champion at one point. I absolutely love it. I actually have a punching bag right outside in my garden. I’m obsessed with working out. I eat like a pig so it kind of makes up for that.”

6. Due to her heavy acting schedule, she is homeschooled.

She admits that it’s sometimes lonely, but was necessary due to her schedule and the fact that her family moved around often.

7. She’s afraid of sharks.

“Sharks freak me out,” Millie revealed in the same Vulture interview. But that doesn’t mean she’s afraid of all marine creatures. “I love whales, and I’m very intrigued by whales,” she said.

8. Her favorite artist is Ed Sheeran, but she loves to sing Adele and Amy Winehouse.


Millie is actually a pretty talented singer. Check out this old video of her singing “Halellujah” (and notice her long hair!) above.

9. Winona Ryder is one of her idols.


Millie is a massive fan of 80’s culture and considered it a dream to work alongside Winona Ryder, whom she now calls her friend.

10. She learned an American accent by watching the Disney Channel.

A natural mimic, Millie perfected her American accent by watching Disney Channel shows from a young age.

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