David & Victoria Beckham Renewed Their Vows & We’re Guessing Our Invite Got Lost In The Mail

After 17 years of marriage, David and Victoria Beckham are still taking strides to keep their relationship strong. They took matters into their own hands and renewed their vows in a private ceremony at home with a small audience of about six people. It was definitely an intimate affair that deserved some space from the spotlight.

“It was a necessary step to renew [our] relationship,” Beckham admitted to a BBC radio show, Desert Island Discs. “While marriage can be tough, working through problems as a family is an essential and rewarding part of the journey.

Their quiet renewal was a stark contrast to their lavish 1999 ceremony, during which the couple wore matching purple outfits. We don’t hate the look… It’s unique. The couple looks happy and gorgeous regardless of what they wear or what year it is.


David Beckham also opened up to the radio hosts about his love life and history with his wife. He discussed the simple times in the early stages of their relationship,¬†including when the two were forced to go on dates in his car because of the Spice Girls’ management and Victoria’s high profile. David mentioned that he is confident that their bond as a family has gotten stronger throughout the years and the mistakes they’ve worked through.

“Back when we were 22, 23 years old, the only responsibility that we had was to ourselves and to our jobs at the time. We’re very respectful of our life and when we do go through tough times, we work through them as a family. As a unit.”

Cheers to David and Victoria Beckham. We’ll definitely be looking for our invite next time!

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