Donald Trump To Announce His Pick For New Supreme Court Justice

Amidst his controversial travel ban, nationwide protests and the recent firing of now ex-attorney general Sally Yates, President Trump has tweeted that he will announce who he has nominated as his pick for the newest addition Supreme Court on Tuesday. The position has been vacant since the death of late Justice Antonin Scalia. Barack Obama attempted to have the position filled, but his nominee was overruled due to the proximity to the election.

Trump finished the interviewing process last week and his search has allegedly been narrowed down to Neil Gorsuch of Colorado, William H. Pryor Jr. of Alabama and Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania. Trump’s nominee is subject to a Senate filibuster, which means 60 votes are required to complete the nomination. Whoever is chosen for the position could have a serious effect on issues like abortion, LGBT rights, immigration and changes to the Constitution.

Check out FOX News to see the announcement.

Donald Trump Supreme Court Nominee Announcement Viewing Details

Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: FOX News
Location: The White House
Segment: The O’Reilly Factor

How To Watch Supreme Court Nominee Announcement Online

You can watch the announcement on FOX News, as long as you sign in with your cable provider. This could be Time WarnerU-verse, DIRECTV, xfinity and Verizon.

How To Watch Supreme Court Nominee Announcement On Mobile

If you’d prefer watching on mobile, you definitely can. Simply download FOX News Go for iPhone or Android. Once you sign in with your cable provider, you can live stream the announcement.

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