Michelle Obama Is More Than A Former First Lady

In honor of Black History Month, we’re focusing on powerful black women who are changing the world. First up, Michelle Obama, whose major life accomplishments exceed her label as a former first lady. 

Today is the beginning of Black History Month and it is more important now more than ever to recognize African-American women who have had made a significant impact on our country. Never before was there a FLOTUS who was so adored by the public that her approval rating rivaled that of the president himself. Michelle Obama was a role model for women and girls everywhere and she knew it, treating her role with the utmost dignity and ambition. Obama was truly an inspiration for many women interested in the political field and her significance hasn’t decreased now that she has moved out of the White House.

In fact, people are calling for her to run in 2020, a proposal that she has (unfortunately) declined numerous times. But even though she herself doesn’t plan on taking office in the future, Obama has called on young Americans to step up. She has spoken numerous times about the importance of education, a healthy lifestyle and believing in yourself. After everything she has done over her life and career, it’s clear that she is #goals.

1. She is kind of a genius.


Education always played an important role in her life. By the age of four, she was learning how to read, eventually skipping the second grade. She went to Princeton University, where she studied sociology with a minor in African American studies and graduated cum laude in 1985. Obama continued her education at Harvard University, where she earned her J.D. degree at the Harvard Law School. She is the only first lady to have graduated from two Ivy League schools and is one of three who has a post-graduate degree.

2. She was Barack’s boss.

Barack Obama was hired as a summer intern at the law firm in Chicago where Michelle worked. She was an associate specializing in intellectual property and marketing and was assigned to be his advisor while he worked there. She even denied him when he first asked her out, thinking it would make work more complicated for them both.

3. She’s a founding member of the Chicago branch of Public Allies.

She was the founding director of the organization, which identifies leaders in the community and helps them learn more leadership skills as well as provide them with professional opportunities. She has said that the happiest time of her life was “working to build Public Allies.”

4. She created the Let’s Move movement.

Michelle Obama made it her goal as first lady to battle childhood obesity. Obama went on popular television shows like Sesame Street and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to advocate for her health campaign.

5. She launched the Reach Higher Initiative.

Started in 2014, Obama created this program in order to help students understand everything there is to know about attending college. She has been very vocal about her support of school counselors and is determined to help every student realize their academic potential.

We’re so thankful for all of the things Michelle Obama has done for us and we can’t wait to see what else she accomplishes.

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