To Celebrate Her 53rd Birthday, Here are Michelle Obama’s Most Inspirational Moments in 2016

In a few short days, the Obama family will be leaving the White House forever. After 8 years of leadership and progress, it’s hard for many of us to see them go, but it’s especially hard to say goodbye to Michelle Obama. Obama has blossomed as a significant leader of our country, and has been incredibly active in her role as First Lady.

This year was a busy one for FLOTUS. Between her involvement with the 2016 election, her dedication to women and families and her constant grace and poise, there’s no doubt she has made her mark on the American people. Here are some of her stand-out moments of 2016:

Her iconic speech at the Democratic National Convention

“When they go low, we go high.” Do we really need to say any more than that? Everything about this speech is pure gold.

Her constant advocacy

Michelle Obama inspirational moments

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Obama has always been open about her advocacy for important causes, particularly healthy living. In addition to her initiative to improve school lunches to be healthier and heartier, she founded the “Let’s Move” campaign to encourage exercise among teens and young adults. Obama also began the “Let Girls Learn” movement that fights for better higher education for all girls. “I see myself in these girls,” she wrote, “I see my daughters in these girls, and I simply cannot walk away from them.”

In 2016, she took the time to host a “Let Girls Learn” event in Spain, where she spoke about the organization’s mission. Despite being incredibly busy wrapping up her final year at the White House, making arrangements for her family’s move and supporting Hillary Clinton throughout the election season, Obama’s continued work with these causes indicate that she’ll continue making a difference in our nation, White House or not.

Her involvement at the United State of Women summit

Michelle Obama Oprah Interview

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This summer, Obama spoke at the United State of Women summit, an event that celebrated the achievement of women everywhere. One of the most notable moments was when she gave an awesome interview with Oprah. After mourning the tragedy of the shooting in Orlando, they talk about womanhood, self-worth and being married to a “swagalicious” Barack Obama. The takeaway message from FLOTUS? “The work always continues…We can never be complacent and think that we’ve arrived now as women.”

Her speech on International Women’s Day 2016

Fittingly enough, Obama’s initiative “Let Girls Learn” had its first anniversary on International Women’s Day, and she took the opportunity to share some truly inspirational words. The First Lady discusses the injustice of the inequality of girls in education and the workforce, weaving in personal experiences with stories from women worldwide. While she’s realistic about the social challenges that women face, in general and with regard to education, she also leaves her listeners with a message of hope and strength.

Her relationship with Barack

Barack and Michelle Obama Relationship Goals

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No matter what you think of their politics, you cannot deny the Obama couple is serious relationship goals. They’re honest to each other, have a shared sense of humor and aren’t afraid to express how much the other means to them. And although Barack has been running the country for the last 8 years, his wife shines as an individual leader and powerful woman as well. As 2016 started to dwindle, we saw the duo support each other and love each other more strongly than ever. This power couple is unlike one we’ll see for some time.

Her commitment to her family

Michelle Obama inspirational moments

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Mrs. Obama has made it clear from the get-go that Malia and Sasha were her first priority no matter what, even dubbing herself as “mom-in-chief.” Although her daughters are significantly older now, she still remains protective but also very proud of the women they have become. Although Obama stands as one of the most active First Ladies the country has yet seen, she still finds the time to be the most important role model of all: a mother.

This is particularly important this year because, on top of everything else she has going on, she is moving her family out of the White House, a difficult transition for all involved. While Malia is going to Harvard in the fall, the Obamas will remain in D.C. for the time being to allow Sasha to finish high school. With difficulties ahead, we can always count on Michelle to be both positive and strong in such a time.

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