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Can Dating Someone Actually Help You Lose Weight?



People assume that once you meet your special someone, that’s it — game over. You and your other half will be binge-eating junk food for days and constantly going on dinner dates. Soon, you both will gain extra pounds from the love connection you both have with fatty and sugary foods.

However, dating someone doesn’t always lead to gaining weight.

In fact, studies have shown that many women actually lose weight when they’re first dating someone. So how the hell is this possible?

Dating Can Lead To Weight Loss

Well, according to Cosmopolitan, couples have more sex in the beginning stages of their dating days, and thus causes them to burn more calories. It’s also called the “sex diet,” which, if you ask me, is way better than going Paleo.

Another source added that your emotions can also cause the weight loss. The feeling when you’re falling in love and being around your partner can increase levels of serotonin — the hormone that is linked with happiness. As serotonin levels rise, your brain is actually signaling your cells in the intestines to switch your body fat into fuel, according to a study from Nature Communication. This shows that this hormone can cause fat loss.

Dating Can Lead To Weight Loss

This definitely sounds like good news for those who are dating, but for those who are single, ice cream and Netflix sounds even better.

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