Hillary Clinton Calls On Women To Step Up & Speak Out In Her Latest Speech

Hillary Clinton is back again with an inspiring message for women everywhere. After announcing last week that she will be releasing a book of essays, Clinton started this week off by being the face that launched the start of the 2017 Makers Conference. The conference is about bringing leaders together to recognize issues that all genders face and trying to think of solutions for inequality. The theme of this year’s conference is #BeBold, a statement that Clinton has embodied throughout her political career.

As expected, Clinton began her video message with an emphasis on celebrating women’s achievements and their future accomplishments. Bringing up the Women’s March that happened around the world on January 21, she used the protestsĀ as an example of women stepping up and being fearless. She made a call out to strong women to be an inspiration to women and girls everywhere, saying that now is the time to speak out, dare greatly and lead boldly.

“You are the heroes and history makers, the glass ceiling breakers of the future,” Clinton said. “As I’ve said before, I’ll say again: Never doubt you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and every opportunity in the world.”

If you were looking for a sign that Clinton has decided not to back down against the new administration, this is it. It’s important that Clinton publicly acknowledges the public’s fear of the future in the face of the current hardships but also necessary that she mentions not to give into fear or hatred. It’s inspiring to know that even though she didn’t win a seat in the Oval Office, Clinton is still true to her word and doing what she thinks is best for the American people. And to her, that means building women up and making sure that they know they are worthy of greatness and are capable of great things, no matter what others may say.

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No fear. The future is female.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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