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According To Researchers, These Majors Work The Hardest In College

Hardest Working Majors College


In college, you’re constantly competing with other students about who has more coursework to get through. As an English major, I can attest to how challenging the major was, despite my parents’ initial reaction to my major choice (“How the f*ck are you going to get a job when all you do is talk about poetry all day?”). Between reading numerous 500-page novels at one time, writing 25-page papers and trying to comprehend WTF Chaucer was actually saying, being an English major was hard work. Sadly, not everyone feels the struggle.

According to new data from Indiana University’s NSSE, ┬áthe hardest working college majors are architects, who spend roughly 22 hours a week studying. Engineers are a close second, spending 20 hours a week studying. English, on the other hand, is pretty far down on that list.

Find out where your major ranks in the national study of student engagement. Check out the graphic from The Tab below.

Hardest Working Majors

[H/T: The Tab]

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