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We’re Freaking Out Over These Gorgeous Floral Curls

Kiera Please hair YouTube

Kiera Please on YouTube

Forget flower crowns, the internet is freaking out over Kiera Please’s gorgeous afro filled with seasonal blooms. The 21-year-old is capturing the hearts of many with her hair (and spirit). We’re talking real flower power here.

Her social media accounts are rapidly growing. Her Twitter with 32.3k followers, Instagram with 235k followers and her YouTube channel with almost 23,000 subscribers.

Kiera talked to Seventeen about the amazing experiences that her hair has created. While at a music festival, Kiera said that she was approached and told that she was the inspiration behind people wearing flowers in their hair.

And as if you weren’t enamored enough with the look already, Kiera provided also provided the magazine with a beautiful explanation as to why she chooses to wear the flowers in her hair.

“To me wearing [blooms] in your hair is more than just a cool look. I like to think of myself as gradually blossoming and becoming something more than what I was the day before.”

Kiera also posted a heartwarming tweet celebrating her recognition on Seventeen‘s site.

If you’re dying to get the look for your next music festival, Kiera blessed us with a video on just how to recreate her signature style. As for me, I’ll be gushing over her hair and sending her Instagram account to my friends for the rest of the day.

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