Are Condoms The Key To Flawless Foundation?

Makeup addicts out there are just trying to find new products and ways to perfectly apply their makeup. We’ve all learned a lot and made the switch from our fingers to brushes to makeup sponges, all in the name of flawlessly blending foundation, concealer and other makeup products. And so far, the beauty blender, whether generic or name brand, is almost everyone’s holy grail for putting on makeup.

Recently, Molly Cosmetics launched a new and improved style to the average makeup sponge, creating the Silisponge. The silicone sponge immediately hit the top trend in the makeup community and the $9.90 product continuously sold out. Then came the Evie Blender, an even more innovative creation.

Beauty bloggers are always on the hunt to figure out their own dupes for these popular applicators. In this case, since the Silisponge doesn’t absorb any of the makeup products because it’s silicone-based and not an actual sponge, this can cause you to use less and save more money.

For a bit, people were actually using the silicone sponge from the insides of bras, but now they have moved on to an even more creative idea: condoms. Yes, this is a trend.

Makeup lovers are using condoms as applicators by either filling it with lotion or even taking their very own beauty blender and completely covering it with a condom. The rubbery, latex material from the condom helps the beauty sponge bounce and blend out your makeup products precisely and efficiently. Similar to the Silisponge or any other regular silicone sponge, it doesn’t absorb any of your expensive foundations or concealers. And according to reviews, this technique is actually one of the best experiments yet.

According to makeup YouTuber Beauty Vixxen, before using the condom, make sure to thoroughly clean it. The lubricant on the appliance can definitely effect your skin in different ways and won’t help your foundation apply perfectly without looking like a sloppy grease ball.

Multiple makeup gurus have approved of this method and definitely recommend giving it a try. If you’re the type who loves testing out new makeup trends, it may be time to grab a pack of Trojans and see what works.

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