5 Gross Things That Can Happen If You Don’t Wash Your Makeup Brushes

When your makeup brushes start to look clumpy and discolored, you know it’s officially time to wash them.

It’s understandable to be lazy and passive about giving them a good wash, because who wants to spend time cleaning them? This is especially true if you have over 20 brushes It’s a major chore. Just the thought of doing it can easily make anyone turn to vigorously rubbing the brushes on a tissue to get the residue¬†off. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to actually clean them.

Leaving brushes unwashed can lead to a number of disgusting effects, causing damage to the face and the brush itself.

1. Breakouts.

When using brushes to apply makeup, the tools also collect dirt and oils from your face. After using the brushes for a while and never washing them, all of the remnants from your face continue to build up and are placed back onto your face each time you uses your brushes, eventually leading to nasty¬†breakouts. So, all those mysterious and questionable breakouts you’ve been having could be from those unwashed makeup brushes. Want to avoid pimples? Wash away!


2. Pink eye and other viral diseases.

Just like face brushes, eye brushes carry dirt too. When putting on eyeshadow over and around the eyes, the dirt and germs will eventually enter the eye and leave a horrible pink eye or another infection. Constant use of eyeshadow brushes and dipping them in various eyeshadows without giving them a wash can cause you to pick up a gross eye infection that can last for days.

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3. Poor blending.

A makeup brush that has been used for a long time and hasn’t touched a brush cleaner can begin to appear clumpy and filled with residue. When attempting to use the brushes to apply foundation, eyeshadow, concealer, etc. they won’t lay on correctly. Since the brushes have been abused by many products without cleaning them, it decreases their ability to blend in the products precisely.


4. Spreading germs.

If you don’t know by now, not washing your makeup brushes can collect large amounts of dirt and germs. Just the idea of using an unwashed, germ-filled brush on your face can get anyone to recoil and become completely grossed out. Also, it’s super easy for those bacteria to spread everywhere, though mostly on the face. Just as you would wash the germs off of your hands, you should wash the bacteria off of your makeup brushes.


5. Ruining your brushes.

Eventually, your makeup brushes can be completely ruined if you don’t wash them. Applying products to the face with a dirty brush can wreck the brush and its bristles, due to the amount of oils and germs they contain. Constantly abusing the brushes will lead to their demise. All those high-end and expensive brushes you bought will become a waste if they aren’t properly washed at least once a month.

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