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Please, PLEASE Never Try These 5 Beauty “Hacks”

bad beauty hacks worst beauty tricks


It seems like the internet is always in competition to determine who can come up with the newest and best beauty hack. We’ve seen our fair share of unexpected products used to help create amazing looks, but needless to say, they don’t always work out as anticipated.

There are over 15 million hits when you Google “beauty hack” and I think it’s safe to say that not each and every one of them is going to be worthy of being incorporated into your daily routine.

We’re here to help debunk some of the worst beauty hacks. These are the ones that you should probably steer clear of on the Pinterest-beauty party kind of nights.

1. Blending with tape.

This Instagrammer, Juliana Leme, uses scotch tape to replace a beauty blender. And while she makes it look effortless and successful, I couldn’t believe that could truly be the case. I did a little research to see if anyone had tried out the unorthodox method, and I was in luck.

“I feel like I’m hurting myself!” According to Gianna, the tape stripped the foundation from her face when she attempted to apply concealer. She dubbed the beauty hack as a fail.

2. Using deodorant on your T-zone.

Laura Lee on YouTube

Laura Lee on YouTube

I know that everyone gets a little concerned about an oily t-zone every now and then, but whatever you do, don’t put deodorant on it! The chemicals in deodorant are meant for underarms only, NOT for the face, according to vlogger Laura Lee. Stick to oil blotting sheets.

3. Curling hair with pop cans.

Admittedly, her hair looks cute. But in terms of the actual process of getting there, it’s little difficult to believe that using soda cans could be comfortable (or easy). Plus, what are the odds that you’d have a perfectly clean can? Nobody wants Sprite in their hair.

4. Putting lemon juice on the skin.

Do not put lemon juice on your skin. According to this video, if anything, an organic lemon can be used if you really want the benefits of lemon. However, don’t apply it for longer than five minutes, and after that, be careful about your time in the sun, as it can cause severe burning. The risks completely outweigh the benefits.

5. Spraying Pam on nails.

Sure, it can do in a pinch but it just dries the top layer as opposed to everything underneath. It’s not worth taking the time and effort to go through using the Pam and still end up with dents in your nails.

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