Instead Of Waiting In Line For Her NYC Pop-Up, Check Out Kylie Jenner’s Best Beauty Looks

In case you haven’t heard yet, Kylie Jenner is hosting another pop-up shop for her beauty products from Kylie Cosmetics. This one is beginning on February 13 in New York City, moving from its previous Los Angeles location.

Kylie did a pop-up shop in December that was, of course, broadcasted live on her Snapchat. The pictures and videos were filled with throngs of adoring fans making their way through the mall to shop her collection, and there’s no doubt her NYC shop will be equally packed.

In honor of her second pop-up shop launch, we’re counting down Kylie’s top ten best beauty looks. There were a ton to choose, so these are just a few of our faves.

1. Drama, drama, drama

Kylie looks amazing in her shoot for Complex. The deep wine lip, the far-out winged eyeliner and the contour are works of art. She resembles her Kardashian sisters a little more than usual with her makeup here, and we’re loving this look.

2. No makeup makeup

We often see Kylie rocking Kylie Cosmetics, but some of her best looks are simple and subdued. The soft pink on her lips makes her eyes the focal point.

3. The longest lashes

I wish this was how my makeup looked on an average Sunday. Kylie’s lashes are actually amazing here and her strong brows only complement them. The darker lashes/brows provide contrast to her light hair (RIP) in the best way.

4. Hello, highlight

Of course it comes as no surprise that she’s promoting a lip kit, but it is fair to say this look slays. If you look closely, you can see that there’s a little bit of burgundy in her eye makeup to match the lips. And her highlight is like looking into a starry sky, totally beautiful.

5. Red lips & rosy cheeks

As a strong advocate of a red lip, this is one of my personal favorites from Kylie. Beside the fact that she’s basically glowing in what’s probably her backyard, the red lipstick makes her pout a little more sultry than usual.

6. Mauve-lous

When Kylie has her makeup done, it’s usually not without dramatic eyes. The possible lash extensions and arched eyebrows are really on fleek, but I really like that this look takes a step back on the eyes and allows the focus to be on her lip color.

7. Old-school glam

Another stunning red lip look for Kylie. This embodies an old-school glam feeling, and the rare curl of her hair definitely enhances that. The shimmering gold eyeshadow goes really well with the rosy blush.

8. Pretty in pink

The pink, purple and glitter are a lot going on here, but I’ll hand it to her, she makes it work. There’s just something about Kylie. Somehow all makeup, no matter how ridiculous the color, looks good on her. I’m jealous for eternity.

9. Flawless foundation

Even with her side-swept hair, I just have to take a moment to appreciate Kylie’s foundation. It’s so smooth and blended to perfection. Her lighter brows and soft lips let us fully appreciate the actual application of the makeup.

10. Glimmer & shimmer

This color of lipstick looks great on Kylie – it’s a shade she should wear more often. The gloss really brings out the shimmer in her cheeks without taking away from the glow in her eyeshadow as well. All-around great look.

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