6 TV Shows To Watch When You’re Single & Bitter On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. Whether you’re cynical or too busy or just totally apathetic towards the holiday, everyone else’s enthusiasm can get really irritating. Who needs pink and red everywhere? We’ll buy our own chocolates and flowers, thank you very much.

But the worst, IMHO, is when you’re single on Valentine’s Day – and not by choice.

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There’s no greater pain than watching cute couples do cute couple things while you’re planning on spending the day alone, binge-watching TV and downing a bottle of wine. There’s totally nothing wrong with being the Valentine’s Day version of Scrooge, but you might as well go all out with it. Netflix offers a variety of shows, but it can be challenging to avoid lovey-dovey mush or unexpectedly romantic plots.

Here are some of the best TV shows to watch on Valentine’s Day if you’re single and so not down to mingle.

A Series of Unfortunate Events


Misery loves company, as they say. A highly anticipated rendition of Lemony Snicket’s book series, this show does not fail to disappoint. The only thing larger than the Baudelaire children’s fortune is the determination of Count Olaf to get his hands on it. Neil Patrick Harris stars, balancing sinister humor and believable villainy.

Gossip Girl


This show has some of the most tumultuous relationships we’ve ever seen. Seriously, no one’s love life is good for very long – maybe three episodes, max? Still, you can’t help but be drawn in by the drama and lifestyles of the Upper East Side. XOXO, Gossip Girl.



Every character on Archer – and we mean literally everyone – is a terrible person in one way or another. But that doesn’t mean they don’t make for great characters! This show about a spy agency with some incompetent spies is full of action, car chases and completely inappropriate humor. No mushy-gushy romances here! You’ll definitely feel better about who you are as a person while watching Archer.

Parks & Rec

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Why wouldn’t you want to watch the glory that is Parks and Rec? Although parts of the show focus on super cute relationships (Leslie and Ben! April and Andy!), it’s not solely reliant on these romances which is what makes it a great show. We’d highly recommend the Galentine’s Day episode or ones that involve “Treat Yo Self”.



The BBC’s version of Sherlock takes a modern twist on the classic stories; if you haven’t seen this show yet, it can seriously suck you in. Sherlock is a sarcastic, brilliant, unorthodox consulting detective who only cares about getting the puzzle solved. But he wouldn’t be anything without his emotional, yet equally sarcastic friend, Dr. John Watson.

BONUS: For those who prefer medical programs or episodes that aren’t 1.5 hours long, the American show House also has a rendition of the Sherlock Holmes character.

American Horror Story


Totally anti-Valentine’s Day? Go for the most anti-Valentine’s Day shows around: American Horror Story. There will be a lot more red than pink, and the gruesomeness of certain characters will definitely offset the over-exaggerated cuteness of the holiday.

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