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Tell Bae You Love Them With One Of These Hilarious ‘Bachelor’ Valentine’s Day Cards

The Bachelor Winner 2017


Nick Viall may have some issues in the love department, but he somehow still has a way with the ladies. At this point in the game, Raven, Vanessa and Danielle (which is sad considering she went home last night) declared their love for Nick, only to get a blank stare from the 36-year-old reality star in return. It might not be the response they were looking for, but we guess it’s better than him running away, right?

Nick Viall

This Valentine’s Day, show bae you care by sending the other 15 side pieces on an island to fend for themselves. Then deliver them with a V-Day card that won’t make them want to puke. Romance is a wonderful thing.

Check out the best Bachelor-inspired Valentine’s Day cards. Love means never having to prove your emotional intelligence — let these cards (and romantic dinner of cheese pasta) do the talking for you.

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