Mom Leaves Heartbreaking Valentine’s Day Post For Her Kids Before Being Found Dead on Beach

Less than an hour before her body was found on a beach, a mother of five left a tragic Facebook post for her children about Valentine’s Day. Lisa Williams, 31, had sent chocolate, her necklace and a Valentine’s Day card with the word “Cariad” – “love” in Welsh – to her kids on February 12 before she was found badly burnt on Newry Beach in Anglesey, Wales. She had posted photos of her Valentine’s Day gift on social media, with a sweet message for her “famous 5”.

“I love you with all my Welsh heart, lovely Welsh (parcel), Valentine’s treats and chocolate treats. Will see you all soon I promise. Kind hands, kind feet, nice words and sharing is caring,” Williams wrote inside the card. She and her husband were separated, according to her Facebook, so she was not seeing her children regularly. She also posted a photo of the delivery tracker she used to show that it was on its way to them:

Many people have since left sweet comments and tributes to Williams and her children under her Facebook post. One wrote, “My heart goes out to your 5 children and all your loved ones at this awful time. R.I.P Lisa Bach xx” while another assured the children how much their mother adored them.

Police revealed Williams suffered bad burns, and that she was pronounced dead at the scene. She had found by a security guard from the Holyhead port around 10:40pm on Sunday evening, in a shelter close to the beach. The Daily Post reports that authorities have not yet deemed the death suspicious, but that investigations are underway.

Our thoughts go out to Williams’ family and children during this heartbreaking time.


Lisa Williams’ family has publicly spoken out for the first time since her death. Williams was reportedly heartbroken after separating from her partner and not being able to be with her children. Her older sister, Hayley Williams said to Mirror that her sister was “tired of fighting and just wanted to go to sleep” in the weeks leading up to her death.

Williams’ sister also revealed that Williams had sent a letter to her family, saying she was “battling some difficulties.” Hayley, 35, explained:

“It’s just the nature of what she’s done, the level of what she inflicted on herself to get out of this world… As a family we are devastated and our lives have been turned upside down. Lisa was a beautiful and caring mum, daughter, sister, aunt and cousin.”

Since her death, dozens of floral tributes for Williams have been left at the scene where her body was found. One that is particularly heartbreaking comes from her own father: “Our Lisa Bach. You’ll always be in our hearts. Love you forever. Dad and Rachel.”

As of now, the coroner is waiting on the pathologist’s report, and no cause of death has been officially prescribed.

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