Get Ready For The Oscars With These Adorable Dogs Dressed Up As Your Fave Movie Characters

If there is any animal that appreciates a good movie just as much as us humans do, it would be dogs. There’s nothing better than your puppy joining you on the couch for a movie and a good snuggle. Any film is automatically improved when a dog is involved, on-screen or off.

So what better way to get ready for the Oscars than look at adorable pictures of dogs dressed up as movie favorites? The last time a dog was at the Academy Awards was in 2011 when Uggie the Dog was brought along with the rest of the cast of The Artist. These dogs won’t be hitting the red carpet or winning any awards, but they certainly deserve some attention for how cute they are, and that’s exactly what DogVacay is hoping to give them. They’re ready for their close-ups.

While these pups aren’t celebrities themselves, they certainly look way cuter than the original portrayals. Try to get through all of these photos without smiling or saying “aww.”

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