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For Only $2, Emma Watson Could Solve All Of Your Life Problems

Emma Watson life advice Grand Central Station

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Tuesdays in New York City aren’t always the most exciting days. They might actually be worse than Monday. Luckily, some New Yorkers got to experience a little extra excitement yesterday during their commute through Grand Central Station. If you didn’t see writer Derek Blasberg FaceTiming with A-list actress Emma Watson while holding a sign that offered “Advice From Emma Watson $2,” you definitely missed out.

Blasberg set up and “wore” the stand that allowed commuters to FaceTime Watson and for a mere $2, to ask her anything. Mashable mentioned that she answered questions that were about her acting days, feminism, fashion and even gave wise words about tough life situations, providing some really insightful words for anyone asking.

One commuter recorded the moment for Instagram and captioned it, “So I just ‘ran’ into Emma Watson at Grand Central giving advise for $2 through an iPad booth…” and made sure to use a few hashtags including #welcometoNY, #keepitweird and the obvious #emmawatson.

Just Emma Watson giving life advice in grand central station

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According to Refinery29, it’s unclear if it’s a project that has something to do with Watson’s upcoming film The Circle, but it was definitely a unique way for the actress to get up close and personal with her fans and many other New Yorkers yesterday. This isn’t shocking for the bubbly, fashionable feminist activist, who’s famous for tries to give back to the people of the world. And video-chatting with Emma Watson for just $2? That’s definitely giving back in an amazing way.

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