Sia Blasts Kanye West For The Use Of Fur In His Yeezy Collection

There’s a huge controversy over fur in the fashion world and it’s causing a divide between animal lovers, fashion fans and the people who fall in both categories.

It’s well-known how these high-fashion brands obtain their fur, and the controversial methods are causing even more of an uproar. Numerous animals are being sacrificed for their fur in the cruelest manner, all in the name of fashion and style.

That said, no one can predict what artist and designer Kanye West has up his sleeves when it comes to his own clothing line Yeezy. West always has something new for every NYFW, wanting to send out a statement through his models and the clothing they wear. This past Season 5 Yeezy Show, West’s models wore a grand variety of fur, with items from fur collars to a full-on fur coat. However, West told Vogue that the floor-length coat in his 2017 show was completely made out of faux.

All I can say is that the majority of animal-lovers weren’t too happy, including singer/songwriter Sia, who West has collaborated with on several songs. She voiced her concerns over Twitter, asking West, “Would you consider going fur free?” and then attaching a video detailing the torture of animals for their fur. “This is the reality of fur for fashion – it’s so sad,” she said.

Sia’s gesture towards West probably wasn’t enough, but it certainly impacted many of her fans.

This isn’t the first time Sia has been outspoken about her disdain for the cruel practice. She even asked Kim Kardashian to stop wearing fur, albeit in a more understated manner. Many celebrities are attempting to make a change when it comes to fur for fashion. Hopefully Sia can make a difference, beginning with Kanye.

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