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7 Surprisingly Essential Items That Belong on Your Spring Break Packing List



You have your toothbrush, your hottest bikini, and your cutest beach bag all stowed in your suitcase. So what’s missing from your packing list? A lot, actually.

Sure, every spring break packing list on the world wide web centers around clothes and beauty products (seriously don’t forget the sunscreen, though), but we’re thinking a little bit broader to make this the greatest vacation of all time and even keep you safe.

These devices, from breathalyzers to wireless ear buds, are must-haves to ensure the spring break of a lifetime. Trust us — whether you’re looking for a relaxation break in the sun or a rowdy good time, these are the necessities to make it happen.

Still not sure how you’re spending your week off? Luckily, there are plenty of spring break trip options that don’t require months and months of planning. In reality, you can plan your entire vacation (or staycation!) in just a few hours. Even better, you don’t have to worry about your bank account dipping below zero.

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