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Treat Yo Self With Function Of Beauty’s Customized Shampoo & Conditioner


Reading up on the fancy schmancy shampoos that are great for your hair but bad for your wallet is all sorts of depressing, but Function of Beauty is mending the wounds and showing beauty lovers the light.

The new hair care brand creates customized shampoo and conditioner formulas that won’t make you cry when looking at your bank balance after purchase. Considering I’ve always been someone who dropped a ton of cash on my hair care products, I was excited to try out something new.

My hair is fine and color-treated, so I’ve always been particular about my shampoo and conditioner. If my conditioner is too moisturizing, my hair will be weighed down. If it’s not moisturizing enough, it will be impossible to run a brush through my strands without breaking them. Plus my scalp can get dry (especially in the winder), so a nourishing shampoo is also a must. To top things off, I need some shine (doesn’t everyone?). Blondes only have more fun when their hair isn’t dull AF.

Unfortunately finding something that embodies these needs is difficult, but Function of Beauty makes it a reality. After making an account, users are given an online quiz to build their hair profile. The first page discusses three things: hair type, hair structure and scalp moisture. For me, I selected “straight,” “fine,” and “dry” since we’re in the middle of February.
Hair Type - Function of Beauty ReviewAfterwards, you select five hair goals. I went for strengthen, nourish roots, soothe scalp, volumize and fix split ends. When you click on each individual goal, a more thorough definition of what the goal means pops up, along with a list of active ingredients.

Hair Goals Function Of Beauty
Once you get through the list, you’re asked to customize the colors of your shampoo and conditioner, pick the fragrance and the fragrance strength. The latter was my favorite part — nothing ruins a good shampoo like an overwhelming stench. Tea tree oil, I’m looking at you. For my bottles, I chose a pink shampoo and a green conditioner. Both smelled like cucumber mint, and I chose “medium” for the fragrance strength. After you’re done, you’re asked to put your name, which will be printed on the bottles. ~*~*Fancy*~*~

Customize Your FormulasOnce that’s all completed, you’re able to customize the sizes. For anyone who always finishes their shampoo before their conditioner (or vice versa), there’s also options for mixed sizes. I wound up getting the 8oz bottles for a total of $36. Considering there was a time in my life where I found it perfectly acceptable to drop $30 on shampoo despite being a broke college student, I was legit overjoyed.
Function Of Beauty
It takes about two weeks for the company to create the formula and ship the products, and honestly, it’s well worth the wait. Unlike previous buys in the past, my hair is soft and boasts more volume than I’ve seen in the last few years. Plus you can switch up the formulas whenever you want, so if your hair is affected by season changes like mine is, you can always get something different on your next order.

In short: Consider me sold.

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