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One Makeup Company Is Urging Beauty Lovers To Take Its Anti-Fascism Pledge



A Britain-based beauty company took to their website to release a statement denouncing the values of America’s President Donald Trump. The statement came from the founder of Illamasqua, Julian Kynaston, who stressed the importance of diversity and equality.

The post stated that the company would never knowingly sell to those that support Trump and his actions. According to Kynaston, shoppers are expected to uphold their moral values which include:

  • “Never discriminate against race, colour, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or religion
  • Accept responsibility on challenging social and climate issues
  • Speak for those who cannot speak up for themselves
  • Uphold the principles of the S.O.P.H.I.E. charity to stamp out prejudice, intolerance and hatred.”

Kynaston states that prejudice, sexism and racism should not be tolerated and discourages those who disagree with their values from shopping at Illamasqua.

The company took to Twitter to encourage their followers to create change. Users responded with positivity and enthusiasm.

While it’s not the same exact statement as the one made by Illamasqua, it was recently reported that Nordstrom would stop carrying Ivanka Trump’s line due to performance sales. Other stores followed suit. To show the Trump administration even more protest, the #DayWithoutImmigrants is scheduled to demonstrate the impact that immigrants have in the workforce.

As more brands attempt to make their voices heard, more change could be created. Time will tell in regards to the success of these protests. For now, Illamasqua fans can feel free to buy their fave products, as long as they take the pledge.

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