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This Girl Disguised Herself To Make Sure Her BFF’s Date Went Perfectly



We like to talk about our own relationships and how we found love, but sometimes it’s fun to play cupid for a change. It’s nice to give your friends relationship advice, like how to get over first date jitters or how not to make a total fool of themselves. Some friends may even help ease the tension by setting up a double date.

One BFF went even further to make sure her friend had the best day possible. She decided to don her trusty hoodie and fake mustache before tailing her best friend on a date… Unbeknownst to either of the daters.

Presleigh Dawsyn was the lucky lady that was watched during her dinner. Twitter definitely got a kick out of it when Dawsyn posted on her account, “When your best friend wants to make sure your first date goes well.”

Can you say #friendshipgoals? Her best friend, Georgia Bryn, surprised her mid-date with a cryptic text and an even creepier reveal. As much as I love the enthusiasm, I would be a little scared at first to know there was someone watching me behind some black shades and a mustache. People on Twitter quickly replied and applauded Byrn for her dedication. Don’t be surprised if you see more people in mustache disguises when you go out now.

For all those wondering how it went, Dawsyn tweeted, “The date went well btw” later that day.

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