Aaron Carter Attacked, Taken To The Hospital After A Performance In Bradley, Illinois

Aaron Carter got into a serious scuffle during a performance at a Bradley, Illinois venue Friday evening.

The early 2000’s pop-singing heartthrob, who also just released a new EP that’s actually really good, was in the middle of a performance at the Loony Bin when he was attacked by a fellow musician, according to TMZ. Apparently, the unnamed musician felt Carter had made a racial slur against him. Here’s how it all went down.

The evening’s opening act, ILL State, had just finished their set when a member of the band began goofing around, taking people’s cell phones and recording video as Carter tried to perform. An eyewitness told TMZ that Carter had security remove the guy from the premises and as the musician was leaving Carter said, “Bye Felipe,” a play on the popular phrase, “Bye Felicia.” According to the celebrity news site, the unnamed musician, who is Hispanic, took the comment offensively and allegedly stormed back into the bar and attacked Carter, breaking a computer and speaker in the process

A bloody Aaron Carter was taken to the hospital, but DON’T WORRY guys, he’s going to be just fine. The “Sooner Or Later” singer was released from the hospital early Saturday morning, according to his Twitter account.



Check out video from the Loony Bin where Aaron Carter was attacked below.

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