The Broke Student’s Guide To Choosing A Spring Break Destination


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The one week a year where it’s acceptable to lounge around in your swimsuit the whole time. Seven days in which your friends don’t complain about the influx of beach photos on Instagram. It’s the best time of the year college students. It’s spring break.

You may have started planning your trip since the fall or you maybe you were just planning on Netflix and chilling before realizing you needed a break. Either way, there’s no better time than the present, especially when you need to get your budget

It’s the last break you can get before your final, stressful months of school (then summer, thank God) and if anything, you probably want to cross a few more things off of your bucket list. Here are the cheapest destinations you can head to this spring.

1. Argentina

Specifically in Buenos Aires, rates are cheapest in March. While it might not be as warm as other resort towns, it’s definitely not lacking when it comes to the culture and food. If you want to test out your bargaining skills, bring some American dollars and you just might score some deals at local markets. Almost everything is within walking distance and four-star hotels can charge rates as low as $50.

2. Bali

Bali is the place to go if you’re sick of Florida and looking for an exotic beach location. Airbnbs are cheap and staying at a luxury resort would be cheaper than one in the U.S. Services like spa treatment and transportation are significantly low, so you can save your money for tourist activities and other expenses. When you tire of the beach, visit the religious temples or flea markets.

3. Bulgaria

If you want somewhere underrated and a lot more budget-friendly than Western Europe, put Bulgaria on your list. From seeing historic architecture to hiking through pyramids, you won’t regret skipping out on the resort life.

4. Mexico

The current exchange rate works out in Americans’ favor, with one US dollar being equivalent to 20.43 Mexican pesos. Prices are usually cheaper on sites that have rates set in pesos, thus when you go to checkout, it’ll be converted to USD and you’ll know that you scored a deal. While it’s peak tourist season during spring break, look for all-inclusive packages that have a set price for your flight, lodging and meals.

5. Morocco

One of the most affordable and colorful countries in Africa, but costs are cheaper when you first land in Europe. Meals for two would normally be the price for one in the States and shopaholics can rest easy in knowing that shopping is top-notch, especially when it comes to leather goods.

6. Peru

When you think of Peru, the first thing you think of might be Machu Picchu. But don’t forget about the neighboring areas. Take a walk through cobble-stoned streets and admire the colonial architecture. Most accommodations are $100 or less and the street food will leave you more than satisfied and definitely won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

7. Portugal

In addition to the US dollar being strong against the euro, Portugal is the cheapest destination in Western Europe. The landscape is incomparable, where driving along the coast will give you nostalgia for California’s Highway 1.

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