Justin Bieber Gave One Fan An Extremely Special Gift After Her Passing

Like most 14-year-olds, Megan Evans loved Justin Bieber. Her mother, Nicola, described her as a true Belieber and recalled a time when Megan cried hysterically after receiving tickets to one of Justin’s concerts. “It was her dream to get some signed memorabilia from him,” her mother said.

Sadly, Megan would never get to see Bieber in person, as she committed suicide in her home on February 7, after being subjected to abuse on the social media apps Snapchat and Facebook.

A devastated Nicola gave some advice to other young people using these apps: “Be careful what you say, word’s can’t be taken back.” She has since made it her mission to help other kids in need.

After starting a fundraiser for Megan’s funeral and raising money for anti-bullying charities, Nicola decided to make her daughter’s dream come true. She took to social media and posted an appeal to her daughter’s favorite singer. “We desperately would like a piece of memorabilia signed by Justin to Megan Evans to put in her casket with her,” she wrote, “Please help Megan fulfill her dream.”

Well, Nicola succeeded. The Evans family received an autographed picture from Justin Bieber. Nicola broke the exciting news on Facebook, gushing, “Our beautiful, beautiful Megan will be looking down on us now, smiling from ear to ear, as her dream has come true.” She went on to thank Bieber for his kind gesture, calling him “amazing” and praising his “compassion in fulfilling her dream.”


This is why we love the Biebs.

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