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In Honor Of Rihanna’s Birthday, Here Are Her 10 Best Tweets

Rihanna Hillary Clinton

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Rihanna is pretty much the greatest bad girl we’ve ever had the pleasure of admiring from afar. She’s like the popular girl at school who lives wild and free without a care in the world, making everyone laugh and remaining likable, unique and down-to-earth. She’s basically everyone’s dream BFF.

We aspire to be her in so many ways. We want her numerous amazing hairstyles, her badass tattoos, her trendsetting fashion sense and her ability to date all of the most desirable men in the entertainment business, while somehow never breaking a sweat. However, most of all, we want her attitude.


Rihanna is the queen of not caring what anyone thinks, always remaining sassy and candidly hilarious on social media. In honor of her 29th birthday, take a look at the Bajan beauty’s funniest and most shocking tweets.

1. This shady tweet.

2. This extremely intense burn.


3. This burn.


4. This relatable moment.

5. This attitude.


6. This hilarious side-by-side.

7. This harsh truth.


8. This….. whatever it is,


9. This song lyric.


10. This video.

Happy birthday, Rihanna! Never stop tweeting.


Soon to be Rutgers Grad, writer, and poet who lives for Raspberry tea, Shondaland Thursdays and frequent trips to the movie theater.