Malia Obama Hung with Rich Kids in Aspen for President’s Day and Champagne Showers Rained


Malia Obama knows how to spend a gap year: holding down a boss internship while indulging in the occasional party.

The former First Daughter was photographed dining at Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro in Aspen on President’s Day, clearing enjoying the long weekend with a few close (and very rich) friends.

Others at Malia’s table included notable future rulers of the world such as…

Elizabeth, Zachary and Holden Tisch: The children of billionaire a little NFL team called New York Giants chairman and Oscar-winning producer of a little movie called Forrest Gump, Steve Tisch.

Audrey Kotick: The daughter of billionaire Activision CEO Bobby Kotick. (His company released Call of Duty, if you’re wondering just how jealous you should be.)

Brice Lourd: Son of money manager Blaine Lourd and nephew of Carrie Fisher’s ex-Bryan Lourd (making him and Billie Lourd related). His mom is Crystal Lourd, a VIP Relations Director for Tom Ford.

Prince Tasillo von Furstenberg: Son of Prince Alexander von Furstenberg, a partner and director in the fashion company launched by his mother, Diane von Furstenberg.

Monique Lhuillier: A designer who has dressed Michelle Obama, Britney Spears, and Katy Perry, among many other celebs.

Although Malia wasn’t pictured outside, there was a party going on in the snowy mountains. On the patio of the restaurant, people proudly popped bottles of champagne — making sure to capture the festivities for Instagram, of course.

Spraying off Champagne fireworks with a bunch of marvelous maniacs and Obama’s daughter,” wrote DJ/Producer Matt Chirichillo on a photo of the champagne bottles just waiting to be drank.

He said the celebrations were in honor of his brother’s birthday.

“Today we were all a part of spraying around 200+ bottles of Veuve Clicquot Champagne all over each other at an 11,000 ft. dance party,” he said. “Most extreme birthday ever for my brother and musical production partner.”

By the way, those Veuve Clicquot bottles went for over $100 a piece.

It’s safe to assume the hangover for those revelers is REAL. God speed, y’all.

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