The Bachelor Recap: It’s the Hometown Showdown, and Everyone’s Crying

Nick Viall Breakdown

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Nick Viall does hometown dates. It’s round three, but this time he’s the one giving out the roses.

As we discuss on the latest episode of the Candy Dish podcast, the trips home are full of tears and lots of drama on all four counts.

Raven learns her dad’s latest scan came back clear, meaning his cancer is in remission.

Rachel’s fam goes deep into race relations talk, even though her dad, a federal judge, (smartly) opted to meet with Nick off-camera.

Corinne’s dad wants to know if Nick is going to be able to provide for his little girl (after all, they did just go on a $3,000 shopping spree).

And Vanessa first swells our hearts by introducing her kinda-boyfriend to her special needs students, then sobs when she finds out Nick asked all the dads if they’re cool with their daughters getting engaged to him. Smooth.

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And next week is fantasy suites!

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