Kim Kardashian’s Best Friend Is Body-Shaming This Vegan Blogger On Instagram

Jonathan Cheban is relevant for one reason and one reason only: he’s riding the coattails of his best friend Kim Kardashian. Despite his lack of actual fame, he still believes he’s high on the celebrity totem pole and he likes to make it known. This weekend while celebrating his 43rd birthday, Cheban spent his days heavily trolling vegan blogger Nancy Sidley — AKA The Sophisticated Vegan — to try and get this point across, but Sidley didn’t take his criticism lying down. Instead, she exposed him for it on Instagram.

Yes girl
Things started six days ago when Sidley commented on Cheban’s Instagram photo calling him a “fur hag.” Was it necessary? No, but animal activists are passionate and Cheban — along with the rest of the Kardashian family — is a¬†fan of wearing real fur. In retaliation, Cheban unleashed his wrath on Sidley’s Instagram page and body-shamed her for what looked like hours.

“@JonathanCheban trolled my IG to tell me, I’m ugly for wearing glasses, I need lip injections, I need a chin implant, I’m the worst looking vegan alice and I’m fat,” she wrote in a post on her feed. “If I’m all those things, maybe he should be the one wearing glasses?”

She continued, “Can’t believe @kimkardashian is BFF’s with this guy? What if North grows up and doesn’t want to get any plastic surgery like me? Would he says the same things to her? The Kardashian brand should not be about putting down women based on their looks and he is part of their brand. He is on their reality show and apart of Kim’s Hollywood game. People need to call this guy out on body shaming. We are all beautiful just the way we are.”

When social media caught wind of the inflammatory comments, Cheban tried to justify his actions on Twitter by saying, “She stalks my life. She’s so excited I wrote [about] her and gave her life she can’t stop talking about it.”

Naturally, Sidley also posted this dumb AF comment on her Instagram account.

“A girl on Twitter was shocked by the comments #jonathancheban made about my looks and weight and this was his reply to her,” she wrote. “How do I stalk his life when he literally trolled page and wrote how ugly I am over not having plastic surgery? And why would I be ‘excited’ over a guy body shaming a woman? He’s insane! Of course he deleted it 5 minutes later because he looks like a total douche. Thank you, screenshots.”

Shortly after, he made his Instagram private and tried saying he was the one being trolled. LOL. Alright Justin Bieber, relax. His Instagram is back to being public, but he has yet to make a public apology to Sidley and honestly, we aren’t holding our breath for it.

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