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Celeb Details Boyfriend’s Cheating Story On Twitter & It’s Seriously Messed Up


UK stars Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor have an unconventional love story. They met and started dating while starring on Celebrity Big Brother, and had three very public breakups during their six month relationship. Clearly, things were rocky from the start, but their most recent break is even messier than the previous — and more permanent. In a very detailed string of tweets and Instagram posts, Marnie Simpson told fans the two had broken up after Bloor cheated on her with another girl while she was asleep in their hotel room.

Fans knew something was up when Simpson posted a dreary quote to her Instagram post that read, “Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the one person who you thought would never hurt you.”

Afterwards, she posted a DM screenshot of a woman who claimed to have hooked up with Bloor while on vacation.

“Hey, just been watching your snapchat and think you should know the real truth about Lewis,” the message starts. “I met him outside my hotel the W Barcelona, not really knowing who he was or that he had a girlfriend… we spent the early hours of the morning together at the beach and back at my hotel, it was only when my friend recognized him and told me when he left and showed me his Instagram that I realized he had a girlfriend.”

“I didn’t sleep with him but I may as well have,” she added. “I’m so sorry to tell u this.”

Meanwhile on Twitter, Simpson had our hearts breaking as she described how great their trip was.

“Barcelona was the best holiday I ever had, I loved it we stayed in the W hotel and to think he was cheating in a different room as I slept,” she said. “When I woke up in the middle of the night he wasn’t there and when he returned he said he fell asleep at the beach… God only know how many times he actually cheated on me.”

In a follow-up, she posted a photo of the them being lovey dovey with the caption “The morning after to act as if nothing happened. These were taken the day after.”

The woman Bloor cheated on Simpson with spoke to The Sun, saying he was “really pervy from the start.” When questioning him about having a girlfriend, he allegedly responded, “It’s not like that, it’s just for the money. That’s why we stay together.”

Talk about f*cked up. Bloor has yet to address the allegations publicly, but Simpson already seems to be moving on. “U gotta pick your head up high don’t cry no more and move forward,” she wrote today. “Tomorrow will always be better kill em all with your success [sic].”

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