Girl Shares Her Mom’s Genius Hack For Sneaking Alcohol Everywhere You Go

As any experienced 21+ person knows, alcohol can be expensive. We mean really expensive, especially if you like the good stuff. Luckily, flasks exist and are usually pretty easy to hide in bags or large pockets.

But flasks are also really obvious, which makes it hard to get away with drinking in public. What if you want to sneak alcohol with you? Or worse, what if where you’re going checks your bag? Water bottles aren’t that effective at hiding anything either. Well, this girl’s mother has the perfect booze hack and we couldn’t be more grateful that it’s shared with the world.

Hayleigh Quinn, 19, recently posted her mother’s secret way of sneaking in alcohol where she shouldn’t: an umbrella flask.


Quinn and her mother are from Glasgow; they were boarding a train for a family night out when her mom pulled out an umbrella to seemingly protect herself from the rain. That is, until she started pouring wine out of it. Quinn thought it was hilarious and decided to share her mother’s secret hack with the social media world.

The tweet has since been retweeted over 1200 times, with over 7500 likes. Quinn was quick to respond as to where her mother bought one of these glorious contraptions: Amazon. Because of course it would be there.

And here we all were using regular flasks like total fools. After learning about this awesome umbrella flask, we only have one thing to say: Cheers.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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