Jealous Woman Intentionally Hits Husband’s Ex-GF With Her Car But Gets No Punishment

A 19-year-old woman by the name of Chantelle Matthews ran over her husband’s ex-girlfriend in a jealous rage and has somehow managed to get off with just a warning. Matthews hit 24-year-old Faye Townsend with her car back in December 2015 after getting into an argument about about Matthews’ husband, Mark Hilden. The verdict after the court case? A simple restraining order and six months with a 7pm-7am curfew.

Townsend had been with Hilden for approximately five years, but they broke up after losing a baby together. Shortly after, Hilden got together with Matthews. Matthews admitted to the court that “enjoyed rubbing Faye’s nose into the fact she was dating Hilden,” which led to a fight at a Texaco gas station, according to the Daily Mail.

Daily Mail

Three days before the car incident, Matthews was witnessed screaming at Townsend, “He’s my f***ing husband” and threatening the young model with a belt outside of the gas station. A few days later, Matthews had followed Townsend down a street close to her home and attempted to swerve into her; Hilden was in the car and straightened the vehicle before his wife hit her. But once he was out, Matthews returned to where Townsend was walking, slammed into her with the car and left her to bleed on the street.

Townsend was luckily discovered shortly after by some passerby and immediately taken to a hospital. She was put into a medically-induced coma for two weeks to safely recover from bleeding in her brain and a skull fracture. Townsend now struggles to sleep and has regular panic attacks. She can no longer run or walk for long periods of time, and has trouble concentrating and remembering things.

Daily Mail

“She struck her on her right hand side, and she was thrown up in the air and hit the windscreen,” Andrew Houston, the prosecutor for the court case, explained. “There was bruising to the back of the claimant’s legs caused by the impact of the car on her body. The defendant then drove off, not stopping at the scene.” Police estimate Matthews’ car to be going between 20 and 30 miles per hour when she ran into Townsend. The car was also found very damaged, with Townsend’s hair on it.

Yet somehow, regardless of the obvious proof that Matthews acted with malicious intent, Judge Gary Burrell threw out her original two-year sentence and let her off with basically a warning. She clearly meant to seriously harm or even kill Townsend, so what gives?

What’s especially confusing is that in court, Burrell warned Matthews:

“You are very fortunate you were not charged with attempted murder…This girl, who was perfectly healthy before, has now been left with all sorts of difficulties requiring ongoing medical care. She had a very significant brain injury and was in an induced coma for a long time, and she has to live with the consequences of what you did that day.”

Uh, okay man. Then give her a sentence that actually fits the crime — Matthews should feel the consequences of what she did that day too.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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