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Lush Just Announced A Donald Trump-Inspired Hair Oil Called ‘Yuge’ And We Can’t Wait To Try It

Lush Donald Trump-Inspired Hair Oil

Courtesy Lush

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Trump-related products (Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories line, in particular) and their connection to the President’s administration. But one of our favorite cosmetics companies, Lush, is getting set to reveal a product that Donald Trump himself probably wouldn’t (well, maybe he would) endorse.

The UK-based maker of bath bombs and other eco-friendly beauty products recently announced they are working on a Donald Trump-inspired hair oil in honor of signature look. The product will be called “Yuge” and it’s obviously inspired by the way the real-estate mogul turned POTUS pronounced the word “huge.” The not-yet-released hair oil’s name was “inspired by Trump’s use of the word ‘yuge,’ given the product’s voluminous nature,” a spokesperson for the company told Teen Vogue.

Apparently, the oil is one of four that is currently being tested by Lush for release. Surprisingly, it is not colored orange or citrus-scented, but rather blue. It comes in the form of a hexagon stick and contains a mix of ingredients that includes sea salt, enzymatic pineapple and a mixture of jojoba oil, olive oil and honey.

We’re guessing that as long as you use this oil, your hair will definitely look better than Donald Trump’s blondish-orange toupée-like locks.

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