‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves Set Guinness World Record After Undergoing 51 Plastic Surgeries

Rodrigo Alves will officially go down in history, well for now at least.

TheĀ “Human Ken Doll” recently underwent his 51st cosmetic surgery and with that, set the Guinness World Record. The British plastic surgery aficionado, who says that he suffered from acne growing up, received a CO2 laser treatment to remove the first layer of his skin and help him remove scars and achieve what he calls “baby skin.”

The 33-year-old began transforming his body at the age of 17 and has since spent over $460,000 going under the knife. Oh, and he insists that he’s not addicted to it. Talking about his record-setting achievementĀ Alves said, “I’ve had one of the most awaited procedures of my life, it’s the only procedure that will give my skin a porcelain look, clearing out all the blemishes and scars from my face.” After seven days, according to Alves and his doctor, he will have porcelain-like “baby skin.”

The Guinness World Record team approached Alves, who has had 51 surgeries and over 100 cosmetic procedures, in January about the unique achievement. But just because he holds the world record, doesn’t mean that Alves will be slowing down anytime soon. “There are so many things on the market,” Alves said. And on what other world records he’d like to see in the future? “Personally, I’d like to see an award for ‘most extreme make-over’, because plastic surgery turned me into a different person, it’s made me happy and famous.” We think Alves might qualify for that one, as well, considering he apparently doesn’t look anything like his passport anymore.

You do you, Rodrigo Alves.

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