10 Amazing Scholarships To Apply For ASAP

When choosing a college, the cost of tuition is a really big factor. One way to lower the burden of the high price tag is to get scholarships. It’s not exactly an easy task. With college applications and schoolwork, high school seniors barely have time to relax. Add in the process of applying for scholarships, and it seems like there’s no time to get anything done.

There are plenty of quick and easy scholarships you can apply for that don’t require two-page essays, a long list of information input and seemingly pointless questionnaires. To help, we’ve compiled a list of some of those scholarships.

1. Course Hero $5,000 Winter Break Scholarship

This is an easy scholarship to apply for. The first step is to register, then come back every month. Course Hero will post a new question online every month. All you have to do is write a 150-word response to the question and submit it. Course Hero will pick a winner every month and award them $5,000.

This scholarship is closed to the year, but it will be renewed next year. Click here to learn more.

2. Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway

This is one of the best scholarships to apply for because it gives away large amounts for a small amount of effort. What you need to do is write a “story” about yourself in 350 words or less. 350 words is really short and it can be anything about you. The winners are the ones whose stories get the most votes, so get your friends, family members and even teachers to vote for you.

This scholarship is closed for the year as well, but it’ll be renewed next year. You can check out the website right now. All the stories of previous winners are posted on the site so you can get an idea of what to write about.

3. AFSA High School Scholarship

This scholarship takes a bit more effort, but there’s no essay involved and it’s not hard to complete. It’s a $2,000 scholarship, and the deadline is April 7, 2017, so if you’re a high school senior, you can apply for this right now.

The applicants will read a short essay about various subjects. This year, it is about automatic fire sprinkler systems. After you are done, you take a short quiz on what you have read. This year it’s eight questions long. The reading and quiz together will not take more than 15 minutes. It’s easy, so go ahead and apply.

4. “No Essay” College Scholarship

This is a $2,000 scholarship that has a short application process. However, it’s also based on luck, so don’t rely on it. You fill out a short application with basic identifying information (name, schools you’re interested in, GPA, SAT/ACT scores, etc.) Winners are determined by random selection and you can apply for this every month.

This month’s deadline is February 28, 2o17, meaning you can still apply right now. Click here to learn more.

5. Create-A-Greeting Card $10,000 Scholarship Contest

This is a really great way to get those creative juices flowing and you only need to be 14 years old to apply. The deadline for this scholarship is December 31, 2017, meaning you have plenty of time to plan for it. All you need to do it submit an original photo, computer graphic, or piece of artwork for the front of a greeting card. The winner will get $10,000.

It’s okay if you’re not an artist. Most applicants use photo-based social media sites such as Instagram or Snapchat. Most of us also have camera phones or can borrow one from someone else. Just use pictures you want to post online. Maybe there’s a really good one you posted that got lots of likes or maybe you see a pretty sunset you want to take a picture of. We’re always taking pictures, so why not submit one to this scholarship?

If you’re interested, click here to find out more.

6. Chegg $1,000 Monthly Scholarship

As the name suggests, this is a monthly scholarship, and it’s a simple process. This scholarship is through Chegg.com. You need to create an account, but it’s free and easy to sign up, and you get to use all of Chegg’s resources, including the option to apply to all of their suggested scholarships.

Like most scholarships, all it requires is a short application that asks for your name, your area of interest and your GPA. There’s also a question to answer in 280 characters or less. That’s double the character Twitter allows. If you can tweet, you can do this.

The deadline for this is month is March 1, 2017. The question is ‘If you started a company, what would it be and why?’ Don’t want to apply this month? That’s fine. You can apply next month. The only difference month to month is the question and you can apply every month as you please.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, click here.

7. $1,000 You Deserve It Scholarship

You do deserve it. Why not apply for this scholarship that recognizes that as much as we do? The $1,000 You Deserve It Scholarship is through a site known as ScholarshipOwl. Once you register, which is a simple 30-second process, and fill out an application, about a one minute process, you not only apply for the You Deserve It scholarship but can automatically apply for several other scholarships. And you can keep checking back with ScholarshipOwl or sign up for their emails to apply for more.

Interested? Click here to find out more. And hurry, the deadline is February 27th 2017.

8. Potential Magazine Countdown to College Scholarship

This is probably one of the easiest scholarships to apply for. All you need to do is sign up for Potential‘s Countdown to College e-newsletter. Once you do, you will automatically be signed up to win this $1,000 scholarship. Simple, right?

The deadline is May 1, 2017. Ready to apply? Click here.

9. Sweet & Simple Scholarship

This scholarship is exactly what the name suggests: sweet and simple. You only need to be 13 years old and plan on applying to college no later than six years into the future to apply. Do you fit the criteria? Great. The application process asks you to use 250 words or less to answer the following question:

“Not every gift has to be expensive or extravagant. In fact, sometimes it’s the sweet and simple things that make a real difference in our lives. Think back and tell us about something you received as a gift and why it meant so much to you.”

Sweet and simple. The amount is $1,5000 and the deadline for this is February 28, so click here and apply now.

10. Unigo $10K Scholarship

Everyone tweets, right? Well, here’s the way to put your Twitter skills to good use and win some money for it. The Unigo $10K Scholarship awards $10,000 to the applicant who crafts the best tweet based on this prompt: “Surprise! You just got elected president. What’s your first tweet?”

Just like on Twitter, you only get 140 characters, but since we all tweet, that should be easy. You can apply for this scholarship as long as you’re at least 13 years of age. The deadline is December 31, 2017, so if you’re not much for Twitter, you have plenty of time to practice tweeting anyway. It would be a shame if anyone missed on applying to this easy scholarship, so click here to get started.

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