This University Is Adding A Lazy River To Their Campus

As if there wasn’t reason enough to head to UCF for school, the university is upping their game with a lazy river.

According to UCF Knights, the University of Central Florida is adding a “resort-style lazy river” to their “Recovery Cove,” a new village meant to focus on the health of student athletes. It will be part of an upcoming $25 million upgrade.

According to Associate Athletic Director Andy Seeley, not all faculties mentioned in the planned upgrade are funded yet (sadly this includes the lazy river), but the school paper announced that $5 million will go towards enhancing the student athlete village. An additional $2 million will be for the football expansion, while another $2 million will go towards baseball expansion. $1 million will go to the student athlete nutrition center.

“We are going to build the finest athletics village in the nation, which will help us recruit and retain championship-caliber coaches and student-athletes to achieve all of our dreams for UCF athletics,” UCF Athletic Director Danny White explained in a promotional video.

Cosmopolitan reports that all donations toward the renovation will be privately funded. Currently, there’s no start or finish date, but you might want to keep that application handy just in case.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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