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Mike Pence Will Be Speaking At Notre Dame’s Commencement


Vice President Mike Pence will be this year’s commencement speaker at the University of Notre Dame.

Pence is a graduate of Hanover college, earning his degree in law from Indiana University’s Robert H. McKinley School of Law. He served as the governor of Indiana before becoming VP this year.

Pence will be the 172nd speaker in the school’s 175th year of operations.

Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins told the school’s newspaper:

“It is fitting that in the 175th year of our founding on Indiana soil that Notre Dame recognize a native son who served our state and now the nation with quiet earnestness, moral conviction and a dedication to the common good characteristic of true statesmen… With his own brand of reserved dignity, Mike Pence instilled confidence on the state level then, and on the world stage now. We are proud to welcome him to represent the new administration.”

Though it makes sense that an Indianan would be chosen to speak at the esteemed Notre Dame’s graduation commencement, Pence is sure to be a controversial choice because of his polarizing political views.

Pence is well-known for his anti-LGBT bills and initiatives, championing controversial measures in Indiana government for several years before taking the country’s second-highest office. It’s suspected that there will be a few Notre Dame students expressing discontent with Pence’s choosing, particularly when considering the current political climate.

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